mardi 22 mai 2012

Ma candidature au Google Student Ambassador

Le programme Google Student Ambassador de Google a été initié cette année pour la zone MENA, le candidat est demandé de rediger un essai qui a comme sujet "Is there a way for the social web to be more than just social?" .

Dans ce post j'aimerai partager avec vous ma propre vision concernant ce sujet que j'ai envoyé avec ma candidature pour le GSA:

Social web is used around the world to spread information and keeping people in touch in real time, on the background a huge amount of data is being generated, photos, shared links, location data and even food preferences or favorite places and movies/music, The “what’s next” start at this point, this data will be used to reflect user on the next generation of web.
The next web will not keep persons in touch only, but collected data will be used to custom user itinerary on the web. For example when I open the browser (desktop or mobile) in the morning and on a one single page I can see breaking news about my girlfriend, my city and the company where I work and more like what’s the today’s special on my favorite restaurant or today’s menu on at the restaurant in the front of my work place, time remaining for the next bus I can take to work. All this information can be represented on a single smartphone screen. And here comes what I call the “Meb” the web based on information provided by mobile device sensors (GPS, ambient light detector, proximity sensor) …
Merging information provided by the social web and user’s smartphone sensors will give the most amazing experience for user, everything is just happening, meeting old friends on the go, easily choosing a gift for my friend’s birthday based on his most tweeted word or Facebook status update and checkout using NFC phone, suggest a restaurant or a night club on the weekend based on the most visited by my friends… and more.

N'hésitez pas à me contacter et partager si ça vous a inspiré pour lancer votre future startup ou votre sujet recherche universitaire.

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  1. ca me rappelle les lunettes google :)...Mais c un bon depart...Bonne chance.